Woven Release December 2019

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Our release ate too much turkey and slept over into December, so here we are with the November release! These latest improvements to Woven that will be available on Thursday, December 5, 2019.

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Policies Have Gone Mobile!

The Woven app on iOS and Android has received a highly requested feature in the form of Policies. Several other improvements were made as well:

  • Team Members can view and acknowledge Policies on their phone
  • Team Members receive PUSH notifications when a Policy is due for review and acknowledgement
  • Login and "Remember Me" was improved so you no longer have to click "Sign In" each time you open the app
  • Announcements now track time spent reading
  • Direct Messaging was improved on iOS

Next on the list for mobile app development is bringing Time Off Request and Missed Shift functionality into the apps.



Communicate With Confidence

Have you ever sent a communication and questioned if anyone would actually read it?  No need to question it after this release!  Announcements remained a focus for us throughout November.  In addition to the improvements in October, we are excited to release phase 2 of our Announcement improvements including:

  • Estimated "Time to Read" with visual coaching on writing concise Announcements that are sure to be read
  • Improved audience selection
  • Easily resend a published Announcements to re-notify the audience
  • Tracking for number of times read and length of time spent reading
  • Engagement scoring per Announcement, broken down by Location and Position. Quickly understand what Locations and/or Positions are engaging with your communications
  • Know how and when your Announcements are being read down to the individual team member, including their time spent reading the communication
The third and final phase of our Announcement enhancements will include a new dashboard on overall Announcement engagement for your organization.




Report Scheduling

Report junkies rejoice! You no longer have to log into Woven to get your data fix.  Reports in the Report Center can now be scheduled to automatically send to you Daily, Weekly or Monthly.


And So Much Moreā€¦

This release also includes 16 other minor enhancements, usability improvements and bug fixes. Here is a short list to highlight the ones we think you'll like:

  • Improvements to Supply ordering and exporting orders, especially bulk orders for large organization with 30 or more locations
  • New notifications configurable by position for new hires, completion of onboarding and when a digital document is signed/completed
  • Separated "Trades" so that Work Orders and Vendors each have their own list; they are no longer shared


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