Woven Release January 2020

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Happy 2020! We hope that everyone's New Year is off to strong start especially all of our health and wellness customers who are now in their New Year's Resolution busy season. For Woven, we have been hard at work on the latest features and enhancements. These latest improvements to Woven will be available on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.

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Brand-Wide Location Audits

Location Audits received several improvements this month, most notably the support for Brand audits which allows a franchise system to adopt Woven as their location audit (a.k.a. Assessment, Store Visit) tool of choice. For franchisees, the updated Location Audits feature allows them to conduct self-assessments using the same template as the franchisor. Several other improvements were made as well:


  • Included additional timestamps to track exactly when an audit is started, completed, and its duration.
  • Improved the handling of free-text questions within an audit.
  • Improved the usability of the Location Audit list for large accounts.





Team Member Reporting

Woven now supports Team Member focused reporting in the Report Center with the following initial reports:

  • Team Member Roster
  • Team Member Birthdays
  • Team Member Anniversaries
  • Team Member Turnover

If you are an existing Woven user and have questions about how you access these reports please contact the Woven Team or reach out to your assigned Customer Success Specialist. We are also taking requests for additional Team Member reports.


Work Order Improvement

Numerous minor improvements were made to the various sections that make up the Asset and Maintenance Management features.

  • Included additional data points to all Work Order related email notifications to help Maintenance Techs make quicker decisions.
  • Improved the Work Order list's readability and usability.
  • Corporate (non-field) team members can now be assigned to Work Orders.




And So Much Moreā€¦

This release also includes 31 other minor enhancements, usability improvements and bug fixes. Here is a short list to highlight the ones we think you'll like:

  • Improvements to Supply Ordering for field operations including simplifying the ordering form to reduce the training required to use the form.
  • Added the ability to create a 'Private' Incident Report to allow Loss Prevention and HR teams to track employee-related incidents that are confidential in nature.
  • Added time zone support for Team Members scheduling reports via the Report Center.
  • Added back the read percentage metric on the Announcements list.
  • Modified the initial Woven onboarding flow for new Team Members so that the guided user experience will work for organizations that are not using Woven for their paperless / digital new hire paperwork.

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