Woven Release February 2020

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February is the month of love, and that is exactly what the Woven team has been pouring into the latest features and enhancements. These improvements to Woven will be available on Friday, February 28, 2020.

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Let's Celebrate!

Woven now makes it easier to celebrate the anniversary milestones and birthdays of your team members. As long as you are tracking the birth date and start date of your team members, this will be automatic and require no additional management time!

  • Automatically celebrate and acknowledge birthdays.
  • Automatically celebrate and acknowledge key work anniversaries.
  • Easily send Direct Messages to those being celebrated.

NOTE: By default this feature will be turned ON for all accounts. If you do not want this feature to be enabled please contact the Customer Success Team, or disable the feature in Account Settings -> Configuration.



Location Audit Improvements

Several improvements were made to the Location Audit functionality:

  • Audit Insights were upgraded to our embedded analytics platform.
  • Final Audit PDF reports now support scenarios where more than 100MB of images are added to the Audit before it being finalized.
  • Scheduled Audits now reflect properly in the duration column.
  • Audit completed by a Brand (Franchisor) will now automatically be sent to the Location's assigned franchise consultant.



Direct Message Security

Configuring the security on who could Direct Message who has been improved, while becoming less confusing to setup. Each Role can now be configured individually on which other Roles can be Direct Messaged. This improves the ability for an account administrator to fine tune who can communication with who, without giving blanket rights to all



And So Much More...

This release also includes 17 other minor enhancements, usability improvements and bug fixes. Here is a short list to highlight the ones we think you'll like:

  • Added checks and notifications to Team Member termination if the Team Member was an assigned manager or maintenance tech.
  • Improvements to Supply Ordering by standardizing the sort order of Supply items and exposing the Supply item image on the order form.
  • Fixed all tables so dates sort correctly.
  • Fixed potential for browser to temporary lock-up when loading a very large list of Location Audits, Assets or Work Orders.
  • Added the Asset's serial number to the Asset info card view.
  • Added the Asset's room number to the Metered Assets reports.


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