Eight Tips to Running Your Business More Efficiently

We all want an efficient, streamlined business, but some days, it can feel more like a dream than a reality. Let’s face it – achieving efficiency takes work and collaboration, and without it, your business loses its competitive edge.

Thankfully, Woven is the one-stop shop for saving you and your team members time. Gain efficiency by taking on the next eight tips and get ready to sharpen your business’s competitive edge.

Tip #1: Stop the Multiple-System Madness!

First and foremost, stop having your team members use so many different apps, fill out so many spreadsheets, and reference so many binders. For each system that your team adopts, there’s upkeep, communications, training, adoption, etc., to worry about.

Switch to a single comprehensive tool and get rid of the others. Your team will thank you for it!

Tip #2: Keep Everyone in the Loop with Announcements

You’ve just shared an important update with your managers and asked them to spread the word. Naturally, they create a flyer and post it to the bulletin board, and unsurprisingly, no one notices it. So next, your managers meet with each team to review the update, but the members of those teams change daily. Your managers must then meet with each team a handful of times to make sure word gets out.

Trim down this process by using Woven’s Announcements feature! Draft the announcement and attach any documents or images to drive home your point. Send your announcement, and team members instantly get a push notification encouraging them to read it. And here’s the fun part… with Woven, you get to see who has read the announcement and who has not.

Tip #3: Forget Sticky Notes – Assign Tasks

Sticky notes lose their impact when there are so many of them. Drop the sticky notes and improve the visibility of urgent tasks by assigning them to team members in Woven. For each task, you can assign a due date, provide any additional details, and label it as high priority or as an on-hold task.

Tip #4: One-Click Updates Across Locations

Consistency breeds efficiency. Any updates to your Policies, Procedures, or Employee Handbook are instantly available across locations in one click. There is no need to print, refill binders, and redistribute! You can also set up Policy Acknowledgements to automatically notify team members of any changes to the policy as soon as you make them.

Tip #5: Stop Repeating Yourself and Start Using Operating Procedures

It’s frustrating to tell one team member how to do something and then have another team member ask the same question just a few hours later. You’ve demoed how to ring up a customer so many times, you can do it in your sleep.

You’ll thank yourself later when you’ve described the steps of your business’s common procedures in Woven. You can even add related documents, videos, images, and links to help your team members precisely complete these tasks.

Tip #6: Have New Team Members Go Through Paperless Onboarding

Your managers have devoted countless hours to guiding your new team members through onboarding. Your managers have to know which forms to print and where all the hidden fields for initialing reside.

Thankfully, you can automate this process with Woven. Once you add a new team member to Woven, choose to send them through onboarding. When team members first log in, Woven will prompt them to fill out and sign only the digitized paperwork related to their position. This process also ensures that these team members don’t miss any necessary fields thanks to our partner, PactSafe. Woven will then automatically store these important documents (such as the W-4, I-9, direct deposit forms, etc.) in all one convenient location.

Every now and then, a team member asks to fill out a new W-4 or update their bank account information on their direct deposit. Replacing old documents with new ones is easy in Woven. Just send the requested document digitally through the Send New Document Request option.

Tip #7: The Time-Off Request Feature is Your New Enforcer

Having to be the “bad guy” can be both disheartening and draining. Keep your spirits high and your energy stores full by having Woven enforce your time-off request policies!

Do these issues seem familiar?

A team member is requesting to take two weeks off a week from now.

You can only afford to have a maximum of three team members sharing the same position take the same day off, but you have four requesting off the same day.

A team member submits a time-off request after having already used all of their allotted time off.

A team member asks to take time off during the busiest week of the year.

When these situations arise, Woven alerts the team member to the conflict and can even prevent the submission of the request. Team members must then amend their request in order to submit it.

This process is designed to save your managers from tedious conversations and from having to devise and maintain a system for tracking vacation.

Tip #8: Quickly Fill Missed Shifts

What manager hasn’t had to call team member after team member to find someone available and willing to take over a sick team member’s shift?

When a team member can’t make their shift, the Attendance Tracking feature automatically notifies the manager then asks fellow team members if they can cover the shift. Without lifting a finger, the manager gets a list of volunteers from Woven. The manager then just needs to decide which volunteer to accept. There’s no need for so many phone calls!


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