Minimize Exposure to Liability With Woven

It’s every business owner’s worst fear… getting sued. Instead of spending time on stimulating growth, your time is spent on conversations with lawyers. Instead of investing money into your business, you’re spending thousands of dollars going to trial.

You can better protect yourself from this nightmare, and you can use Woven to do it.

Tips for Using Woven to Minimize Liability

Store Up-To-Date Team Member Records

It’s easy to forget when a team member’s license expires and when it’s time for another background check on a team member. And now that you’re thinking about it, where did you end up putting those documents?

Use the License, Insurance, and Background Checks sections to store these important team member records all in one place and receive Team Member Alerts of soon-to-expire, expired, and incomplete records.

Document Team Member Conduct

Taking the time to document team member conduct both improves hiring, promotion, and termination decisions and boosts team member accountability.

Use Team Member Notes to record general notes about the team member, summarize performance reviews, and detail any disciplinary actions. When a team member ends their employment, track the reason why and whether they qualify for rehiring.

Woven also automatically tracks attendance. Refer to Team Member Insights to identify the locations, positions, and days of the week that are prone to missed shifts. Figure out who repeatedly miss shifts so you can more quickly address problematic behavior. These proactive measures make all the difference in reducing your liability.

Train and Retrain Your Team Members

Consistently trained team members are more capable of handling challenges and less likely to break protocol. Providing effective ongoing training can be time consuming and costly, unless you make the most of Woven.

Use Operating Procedures to share step-by-step instructions on how to complete work-related tasks. For each step that you outline, you have the option of attaching related documents, videos, and images to better engage and more clearly detail how you want team members to complete tasks.

Now when team members ask how to close out the cash drawer, what all they need to do to clean the bathroom, or how to issue a refund, you just direct them to Woven. They can even search your operating features by category, team member position, and how often the procedure needs be done.

Team members should also be able to quickly reference company policy, especially when infrequent situations arise. In Woven, it’s as easy as accessing the Employee Manual & Policies section where only the policies related to the team member’s position appear.

Want to show that your managers have done everything in their power to educate your team members on your policies? Send automatic, routine Policy Acknowledgements to specific teams.

Do you have a team member who regularly forgets to abide by the dress code? Ask them to acknowledge the dress code policy, and Woven will track when they do so. If the problem persists, you have a record of your interventions to support decisions to discipline or terminate.


With Woven, you can breathe a little easier knowing that you’ve crossed the t’s, dotted the i’s, and recorded your efforts. Contact us to schedule a demo to see Woven in action.

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