Woven Release March 2020

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March is drawing to a close and what a month it has been. Only 30 days have passed since our last release but it feels like we are living in a new world now. With so many of our customers temporarily closed, the need for effective team member communication jumped in priority. We took the pains of our customers to heart and focused our March efforts accordingly. These improvements to Woven will be available on Tuesday, March 31, 2020.

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Updated iOS and Android Apps

The mobile apps on both platforms have received major updates:

  • Added the Celebrations feature to make it easier for team members to celebrate each others birthdays and work anniversaries.
  • Improved the user interface by adding a clearer and modern design.
  • Improved performance of the entire app - faster load times for all.
  • Added red alert icons to notify users of when they have an unread message or policy requiring their acknowledgement.




Communicate with Videos and Images!

In addition to updating the Announcement Engagement dashboard to more clearly show an announcement's impact, we also added the following functionality to better draft announcements:

  • A new editor experience that makes creating and editing Announcements easier.
  • Embedded videos support.
  • Embedded images support.
  • Bulleted and numbered lists support



New Woven Knowledge Base is Live!

Our Customer Success Team has been working diligently the last 90 days to update every Help Article and create new articles where there were gaps. This is a great resource for anyone using a new feature or in need of a quick refresher.


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And (a little) Moreā€¦

This release also includes a few other minor enhancements, usability improvements, and bug fixes. Here is a short list to highlight the ones we think you'll like:

  • View red icons that alert the user to unread conversations when selecting the "Teams" drop-down menu on the Team Hub's "Conversations" page.
  • Improved the reliability of generating Location Audit PDFs
  • Improved the performance of Team Member Alerts for very large accounts


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