Data-Driven Workforce Decisions Using Woven

It’s natural to rely on your gut when making important decisions about your business. Your hunches have taken you this far in the business world, so why not continue to rely on them?

It’s actually best to factor in both insight from analytics as well as your gut when making decisions according to a 2015 article from the Harvard Business Review.

The good news is that you don’t have to be an analyst, data scientist, or even a mathematician to achieve this balance. Woven collects the data and organizes it into meaningful visualizations for you. This is real-time data that support the many operational decisions you must make to ensure your business remains healthy and competitive.

Improve Your Hiring Decisions

To support improved hiring decisions, first consult the Team Member Insights section where you can view data on your workforce, their skills, and their availability. The Workforce tab shows how many team members are joining your team and how many have left over the last 12 months. It also provides the counts of your team members by location, position, and gender. Use this tab to gain a better overall picture of your team’s makeup.

Get a sense of which skills your team lacks from the Skills tab. When next hiring, you can now seek out a team member with the skills to fill your team’s gaps.

Review the Availability tab’s heat map to see the days or hours with the fewest available team members. Are too few team members available to work the weekends? If so, your next hire needs to have weekend availability.

Beyond Team Member Insights, you can refer to another feature of Woven when deciding whether to rehire a former team member. Anytime you terminate a team member, Woven will ask you why they were terminated and if they can be rehired. Refer to this tracked information when considering a former team member’s application.

Choose What Kind of Training Is Most Needed

When choosing what kind of training to next sponsor for your team, be sure to consult the Skills tab in Team Member Insights. For each skill listed on this tab, you’ll find the number of team members who have acquired the skill and their level of expertise.

Do you have too many novices for a skill that is critical to your business’s success? Or perhaps you don’t have a single team member that has acquired a specialized skill that would allow you to offer a new service or product? Explore the data with these kinds of questions in mind to make your business more competitive.

Praise and Reprimand with Confidence

Doesn’t it seem that this team member has missed too many shifts in the last two months? Instead of trusting your memory, trust Woven’s Attendance Tracking.

The Attendance tab on Team Member Insights lists the team members who routinely miss their shift and why. Share this with the offending team members to constructively show how this negatively impacts their wages and creates challenges for your managers.

You don’t just have to use this data to reprimand team members. Refer to the list of team members who regularly pick up shifts so you can praise them for stepping up for the team.

It’s time to stop completely relying on your gut when it comes to making decisions about your business, and it’s time to start making informed decisions based on data. Schedule a demo to see how Woven shares insight to guide your decision making.

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