Invest in Escaping the Administrivial

Is it a familiar feeling working all day only to find that you’ve gotten nothing of significance done? It’s not that you were feeling lazy that day or even distracted. Instead, you were bogged down with paperwork, busy explaining how to do a procedure to team members, wrapped up in tracking down information, etc.

We’ve coined a term for this here at Woven – “Administrivial.”

“Administrivial” is all the trivial administrative work that eats up your day. It leaves you with little time to focus on what truly matters – growing the business, improving its services, and inspiring your team.

You can escape the Administrivial that for so long has snatched away your precious hours, but it takes some work upfront. You can do this in a number of ways in Woven, and you’ll be thanking yourself for taking a few hours now to save many hours later.

Simple Paperless Onboarding

Onboarding a new team member doesn’t have to be so tedious and time-consuming. Let Woven guide your new team members through its Paperless Onboarding experience. The system prompts new team members to complete only the new-hire paperwork related to their position and ensures that they don’t miss a question or leave out a signature.

To set this up in Woven, just share your new-hire documents with the Woven team, and we’ll digitize and upload them into your account. You then choose which new-hire documents Woven will send to new team members in a particular position.

Find the Right Team Members

Which of your team members are capable of handling that specialized service again? Quickly know the answer to this question by searching the Team Member Finder where you can identify team members by their acquired skills. You can even get a sense of what skills are lacking across your team by checking out Team Member Insights.

These two features in Woven work best when you have up-to-date information on each of your team members’ acquired skills. Customize the list of skills attributable to each position in Account Settings, then for each team member, select their level of expertise for each of their acquired skills.

Quickly Identify Gaps in Team Member Availability

If it’s a hassle to find enough team members to cover a particular shift, then you have a gap in your availability. Learn more about this gap by reviewing the Availability heat map in Team Member Insights. This heat map is only as good as the data that supplies it though, so be sure that all team members have submitted their Weekly Availability for your approval.

Have Woven Enforce Policies and Promote Attendance

If you’re tired of stating and restating your time-off and attendance policies and drained from having to deal with so many team member absences, you should make use of Woven’s Time-Off Request and Attendance Tracking features. Woven will enforce your policies, identify team members who routinely miss work, motivate team members to attend work, and even automate communications that help identify someone interested in covering for an absent team member.

These features will only work properly if you input information to describe the policies that impact everyone and the policies specific to each position. It is also best to indicate whether each employee is eligible for PTO and if so, how many PTO days they have.

Now Just Say, “Look That Up in Woven”

The next time a team member asks how to issue a refund or if you can remind them about the policy for taking breaks, you could tell them “Look that up in Woven and let me know if you have any questions.” Team members would then check out the Employee Manual & Policies or Operating Procedures sections to learn more, thereby saving you time.

To make this available to team members, you need to add your policies and describe your operating procedures in Woven. To expedite these additions, try uploading documents. For procedures, you could also take a quick video showing how to do each step, then upload it.

No More Rifling Through Filing Cabinets

Do you rifle through your filing cabinets to check, document-by-document, what’s old? Or maybe your managers tend to forget to check when important employee records (such as licenses, insurance, and background checks) are about to expire?

Take some time to upload the important documents for each employee and enter a few details (e.g., when the record expires). Woven will then automatically alert the manager to any expiring records, allowing your manager to update the records before the expiration.


Reward yourself tomorrow by working a bit more today. Schedule a demo to see how you can escape the Administrivial using Woven.

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