Promote Accountability

It’s every owner and manager’s dream to have independent, thoughtful team members who know their responsibilities and execute them with precision and without prodding. Unfortunately, there is no manual that describes how to develop these qualities in all of your team members.

There is no need to give us on this dream though! Achieving a workplace environment that fosters accountability among team members is possible through Woven.


Instill independence in your team members by supplying them with the tools they need to effectively do their job. Adopting Woven’s Operating Procedures feature is a great step in inspiring independence

To use this feature, just add step-by-step instructions that describe how to complete your most common work-related procedures. Including related videos, images, documents, and links to web pages can quickly help illustrate your directives.

For example, let’s say you’re outlining the steps for answering the phone. In the steps, you could provide a script for answering the call. You could then include a link to a web page that offers tips for how to professionally speak over the phone.

Awareness of their responsibilities

A strong awareness of one’s responsibilities is key to having a team member embrace accountability. Help your team members better understand their role and its responsibilities by outlining them in your Employee Manual and in your Policies. Team members can now reference this information in just a few clicks.

You can also increase awareness of responsibilities by assigning Tasks in Woven. Once you describe the task and select its deadline, assign a team member to complete the task. The team member will then be able to see their newly assigned task as will their fellow team members. Now this team member will feel even more motivated to complete the task knowing that their entire team is counting on them.


Timely, constructive feedback also promotes accountability at work. It gives team members a sense of how to better perform on the job and what behaviors or actions are ineffective. Team members receive feedback from Woven that is designed to improve their decisions at work. For example, the Time-Off Request feature lists any conflicts with a team member’s request for time off, thereby driving the team member to adjust their request so that it fits within the parameters of your time-off policies.

Similarly, before a team member submits a Missing a Shift notice, they see the number of shifts they’ve missed in the last 180 days and how much money they’ve lost from those absences. They also see their personal best attendance streaks as well as the top attendance streaks for their position and for their location. The team member will then weigh this feedback in their decision to miss their shift.


Building an accountable team is achievable by adopting these features in Woven. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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