Woven Tips for Reopening After COVID-19

There may not be a playbook for how to reopen your business after COVID-19, but Woven has your back with a few tips to make it go more smoothly.


Tip #1 – Outline New Procedures

Do you have new sanitation procedures that your employees will be required to follow? Or perhaps your staff will interact with guests in new ways

Break down these new procedures into step-by-step instructions using Operating Procedures (learn how to add procedures).

Add videos and pictures to your procedures to better engage your staff.


Tip #2 – Require the New Procedures via Policy Acknowledgements

If your new procedures are critical, create a policy in Woven that requires each new critical procedure (learn how). In your policy, you can even link to the respective procedure.

Communicate to staff just how critical your new procedures are by setting up your policies for repeated acknowledgement (learn how).

Tip #3 – Announce Reopening and New Procedures

Send an announcement to your staff to share when and how you will reopen (learn how to send announcements).

In the announcement, link to your new procedures and encourage your staff to acknowledge the policies requiring your new procedures.


Tip #4 – Follow Up with Checked-Out Employees

After a day or two of sending your reopening announcement, check your announcement's, "Engagement" tab to see which employees haven't read it (learn how).

Direct message these employees to reengage them (learn how). If unresponsive, call them to make sure they are ready to return to work.



The Woven team wishes you a strong reopening! If we can assist you with trying any of these tips, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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