Woven Release April 2020

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The emergence of the COVID-19 crisis affected us all this April. 100% of Woven's customers are either closed or operating in a very limited capacity. The need to stay in communication with disconnected team members was the main driver of our improvements this month. These improvements to Woven will be available on Wednesday, April 29, 2020.

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Communicate with Confidence!

Woven now has the ability to analyze and preview Announcements before they are sent out. If you have ever sent out a communication in a moment of frustration or struggle with keeping communications short and to the point, this feature is for you.

  • View overall Announcement sentiment, along with a sentence-by-sentence breakdown.
  • Receive a warning before publishing a negative Announcement.
  • Preview what your Announcement will look like on mobile and desktop.

These improvements come on the heels of the new Announcement editor, including the ability to add images and videos directly to your content.  Communication is always important, but now more so than ever. With Woven you now have all the tools necessary to communicate with confidence! 







Policy Improvements

Several improvements were made to the Policy Management functionality:

  • Improved visibility of the Policy's targeted Positions and Locations
  • Improved user-experience in the setup and configuration of a Policy
  • Implementation of new content editor view - similar to the new content editor used in Announcements since the last release



Employee Handbook Distribution Made Easy 

The Employee Manual & Policy page under the Knowledge Base received a new interface and user experience. This new design requires less clicks for team members to get access to the company employee handbook as well as the policies that affect their position. 






Demystifying Role Security

Woven has nearly unlimited flexibility in Role security but that comes with complexity and confusion. After this release Account Admins will have tools to quickly and easily understand who is in a Role, as well as what other Roles have similar permissions.


And So Much More...

This release also includes 38 other minor enhancements, usability improvements and bug fixes. Here is a short list to highlight the ones we think you'll like:

  • 18 improvements to the iOS and Android native apps - from performance improvements to usability tweaks the apps are running much smoother
  • Onboarding welcome and finish messages now support HTML content
  • Added monthly open / closed with time to resolve visualization to the Work Order Insights dashboard
  • Added the "Closed Work Orders" report to Maintenance reports
Miscellaneous infrastructure improvements to better leverage the cloud computing resources that Woven runs on


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