Woven Release June/July 2020

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We may have gotten distracted by all of the fireworks and our June release quickly became a July release! Like the fireworks we all enjoyed this past weekend, Woven has a few spectacular things to show you all in this release. The improvements in the release will be available on Tuesday, July 7, 2020.

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Shift Scheduling Update

We completed our Phase 1 - June release items in support of the upcoming Shift Scheduling feature. A breakdown of high-level timeline can be found in last month's release notes.

We are taking a small detour from this timeline in July to make several highly requested improvements to Direct and Group Chat Messaging. This is going to push our Shift Scheduling timeline into October. We look forward to sharing more on improvements to Chat and the Shift Scheduling feature in the coming months.

Location Audit Improvements

The Location Audit feature in Woven received numerous customer-requested improvements:

  • It's now even easier to schedule and reschedule audits. These updates are paired with improved notifications - one of which reminds the auditor of an upcoming audit seven days prior.
  • We've added a new question type that offers "Yes," "Mostly," and "No" as response options.
  • Looking for a report-card feel to your audit scores? Choose to display the new letter-grade scoring of audits along with existing numeric scoring.
  • You can now create Position-Specific audit templates in order to restrict which positions may view which types of audits.
  • Do you have a different name for "Location Audits"? Now you have the ability to rename the "Location Audit" feature to match your business terminology (i.e. "Field Assessment" or "Survey").

Plus a half dozen UI/UX tweaks and other "eye candy" improvements to make completing something like a compliance audit as enjoyable as possible. 😉



Partial-Day Time-Off Requests

Team members can now submit partial-day time-off requests. This update is especially handy for those wanting to request off for just an hour or two for an appointment without missing out on the rest of the day.

Additionally, managers with the appropriate permission now have the ability to withdraw time-off requests on behalf of Team Members in case they submitted by mistake.



Default Frequency of Notifications

Prior to this release, the default notification frequency for all users of Woven was "Immediate;" however, users had the option to change that to "Hourly" or "Daily." After this release, "Hourly" will be the default frequency and users will still have the ability to change it.

If you already changed your preferences away from the default value, those preferences will remain unchanged.



And So Much More...

In addition to the above major items, we made over a dozen minor improvements to various parts of Woven. Here is a quick list of the more notable items:

  • Easier to navigate to an external site from Shared Links
  • Incidents marked as "Private" may now be managed by others users with the private-incident permission (not just the user who submitted the private incident)
  • Email content and layout improvements for most Woven emails
  • Added Account Name to top navigation bar for multi-account users
  • The Availability feature now supports operations that are open 24 hours
  • Improvements to our infrastructure to make scaling even easier


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