Woven Release August 2020

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August’s release is all about new and improved reporting. We beefed up Incidents reports to allow you to better understand and respond to COVID-19 cases, and we revamped two Team Member Insights reports to visualize the make up of your workforce and how its changing. The improvements in the August release will be available on Thursday, August 27.

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Incident Feature Improvements

Last release, we enhanced Incidents so that you could track COVID-19 exposures and infections. This release, we added to those improvements to make tracking and responding to COVID-19 incidents go more smoothly.

  • We split Incident Insights into two reports – one to visualize COVID incidents and the other to visualize all other types of incidents.
    • The COVID report tracks COVID exposure and infections for Team Members and Customers over time and displays any hot spots amongst your locations.
    • Examine the new Non-COVID report by Claimant Type, Incident Type, Injury Type, or Claim Filed Status. From there, track these incidents over time, identify locations with the most incidents and/or the incidents that resulted in the highest costs, and view a map showing the locations with the most non-COVID incidents.
    • Both the COVID and non-COVID reports have tabular data that you can download to Excel for further analysis (click the arrow icon next to the report title to access).
  • Some incidents are so sensitive, they should automatically be marked as “Private” and viewed only by the appropriate users. Woven now allows for you to identify those types of incidents.
  • The list of incidents on the main page of the Incidents feature now visually identifies private incidents with a blue background under the Status column.

We’ve added the Claimant Email Address as a new field to the incident form as well.





Upgraded Team Member Insights Reports


The Workforce and Turnover reports found in Team Member Insights have a whole new look and are more actionable.

For the new Workforce report:

  • Analyze your workforce data by considering Active Team Members, New Hires, Average Tenure, or Turnover.
  • View a map of locations to see workforce trends by location.
  • Evaluate workforce data by gender, employee position, and district and region affiliation.

For the new Turnover report:

  • Review the most important turnover statistics.
  • Visualize the number of employees who have joined and left over time.
  • Identify the most costly positions to recruit and train.
  • Rank locations by their turnover percent.

Like the new incident report, both of the new Team Member Insights reports have tabular data that you can download to Excel for further analysis (click any of the arrow icons in the top tabs to access).




And So Much More... 

In addition to the above major items, we made numerous minor improvements to various parts of Woven. Here is a quick list of the more notable items:

  • Our larger accounts can now more quickly reference their Team Members and send announcements.
  • Woven now more smoothly handles location audits that shouldn’t be scored.
  • Add pictures, videos, and more to the instructions and sections of questions for any of your Location Audit templates.
  • Via the Report Center, view your team members' work anniversaries by selected month.
  • We updated the Supplies role permissions to address a minor bug.
  • When creating new supply types, you can make these available in presently open supply orders.
  • Work Order emails now list the brand’s name.


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