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We are putting the finishing touches on the October release and excited to share all the new goodies. We made significant updates to Incidents and Supplies, added new Location Audit reporting, and are now offering new integrations with Woven. In addition, multi-location organizations can now borrow team members. These improvements and more will be available on Thursday, October 29.

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Mitigating Liability with Incidents

This release brings numerous improvements to how larger multi-location organizations with complex management structures can leverage the Incident feature to mitigate their liability. From working with third party incident investigators to handling team member privacy, Woven has your organization covered. Updates include:

  • Target notifications and privacy controls by Type of Incident – not all incidents are the same and with this new functionality, you have more control over who receives notifications for specific types of incidents and who may view specific types of incidents in Woven. Only share and notify incidents that matter to the correct people.
  • Large organization controls and privacy on Incidents – for organizations with a “Corporate” office, we’ve added special permissions to ensure that the privacy of upper-management incidents remains confidential.
  • Control who can add and view incidents by Claimant Type – it is common for team members to need the permission to submit new incidents about fellow team members, but with this new functionality, you can now restrict them from viewing submitted incidents regarding team members.


Borrow Team Member

No shows, call-offs, and other staffing issues can cause an imbalance in location staffing overnight. Organizations with multiple locations can now ‘share’ team members between locations without the need for upper management to intervene by updating team member location affiliations. This new functionality allows for those with the permission to temporarily borrow a team member from another location, and after a set amount of time, Woven will automatically disassociate the borrowed team member from the other location. 


Supply Management Improvements

Woven now supports complex supply inventories and ordering scenarios with these latest updates. The new functionality gives organizations flexibility in how they control and create accountability for their locations ordering consumables and other related supplies. Updates include:

  • Tiers configuration – inventories can be assigned ‘Tiers’ which designate different ordering values for supply items. With this functionality, larger organizations may customize locations of different sizes and volume to have different par levels, reorder points, and min/max values.
  • Multiple inventories per location – individual locations can now have multiple inventories, each configured with different supply items or ordering values. This helps organizations that have different ordering cycles (e.g., weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) create the same accountability and consistency of ordering for each cycle.  


New Location Audit Reports

Our new Location Audit (a.k.a., Location Surveys or Site Surveys) reports include:
  • Location Audits Summary – review summary information for completed audits across your organization in a PDF- and Excel-friendly report.
  • Location Audits Detail – capture question-level responses for completed audits by audit template across your organization in an Excel-friendly report.



The administrative task of adding and removing team members from Woven can be a burden if Woven is not the primary record for team members in your organization. To improve this experience and eliminate the burden, Woven now supports integrations with two new third party HRIS systems – Paycom and UltiPro.

If your organization uses either system and is interesting in setting up an automated flow of hire and termination data, please contact our Customer Success Team


And So Much More... 

In addition to the above major items, we made numerous minor improvements to various parts of Woven. Here is a quick list of the more notable items:

  • We updated the rest of the modals with a more sleek design.
  • We made performance improvements to Location Audits.
  • When answering Work Order questions, there's no longer a default answer which ensures that team members answer all required questions.
We made a number of improvements to the UI.


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