Woven Release January 2021

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Woven’s January release is the most robust one yet! We revamped Procedures, added a changelog, made numerous enhancements to the Maintenance suite, and more. These updates are all live as of Wednesday, January 20

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Revamped Procedures

The Procedures feature now has a mobile- and team-member-focused style that makes it easier to find procedures and better engages your team. 



Now it’s even easier to stay current on the latest updates to Woven. Check out Woven’s Changelog (available under the question-mark icon) to see what’s new, improved, and fixed.


Maintenance Enhancements

We made a number of updates to Work Orders, Assets, and Preventative Maintenance including:


Team Members and Locations Enhancements

To support speedy changes to your team members and locations, we updated the following:


And So Much More... 

In addition to the above major items, we made numerous minor improvements to various parts of Woven. Here is a quick list of the more notable items:


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